MOKOPANE, SOUTH AFRICA – Rescue and recovery operations in Shaft 1 at Ivanplats’ Platreef Project were completed today. On Monday, September 14, 2020, the cable holding a kibble bucket was sheared in the headgear of the shaft and the kibble bucket subsequently fell down Shaft 1 and struck the northern side of the working platform (stage), where four employees were conducting routine water-pumping activities.

One of the employees was rescued from underground on Monday and airlifted to a hospital in Johannesburg, where he is expected to make a full recovery. During the initial rescue operation, the rescue team established that two other miners were deceased; however, it was determined that the immediate recovery of their bodies would be too hazardous at that time given the dangerous conditions underground and could risk injury to rescue personnel. The fourth miner could not be located during the initial rescue mission.

On September 18, 2020, the rescue team was able to retrieve the bodies of the two deceased miners. They also located and retrieved the body of the missing miner, who regrettably also was deceased.

Marna Cloete, Ivanhoe Mines’ President and CFO, together with members of Ivanplats’ senior management team, met with the families of the deceased employees to convey the company’s condolences and offer support. “We are all terribly saddened by this tragic accident," Ms. Cloete said. “Our immediate focus is to support the families, friends and colleagues at this difficult time. The safety and well-being of our employees is our top-most priority and we will work closely with the authorities to investigate this accident fully.”

The Ivanplats’ management team expressed their gratitude for the professional and efficient assistance provided by Mine Rescue Services South Africa. The Chief Inspector of Mines visited the site throughout this process, and other senior officials from the Department of Minerals and Energy have been on site daily to monitor progress. Leading industry specialists are assisting the Ivanplats team in determining the possible causes resulting in this accident. The Ivanplats team is in the process of assessing the extent of the damage and the work required to ensure that the shaft can resume normal operations in a safe manner.

The Platreef Project is owned by Ivanplats (Pty) Ltd., which is 64%-owned by Ivanhoe Mines.                                                                                                                                                          

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南非莫科帕内Ivanplats普拉特瑞夫 (Platreef) 项目一号竖井的救援和搜寻工作已于今天完成。 2020年9月14日(周一), 竖井井架一条载有吊桶的钢缆截断,导致矿石吊桶从坠一号竖井坠落并撞击于工作平台的北侧,当时有4名员工正在该平台上执行日常的抽水工作。

其中一名员工于周一从地下救出后,已经由直升机送往约翰内斯堡的一家医院,预期将会留医直至完全康复。在初步的救援行动中,救援队伍已确定另外两名矿工不幸身亡。但救援队伍认为当时回收遗体的工作危险性太高,介于 当时井下的情况危险,可能会导致救援人员受伤。在初步的救援任务中,第四名矿工仍下落不明。


艾芬豪矿业总裁兼首席财务官玛娜·克洛特 (Marna Cloete) 及Ivanplats高管团队的成员与已故员工的家属进行了见面,并向他们致以深切的慰问和支持。克洛特女士说:“我们对于这次不幸的事故倍感痛心。我们的当务之急是要在这个艰难的时刻为家属、朋友和同事提供支持。保证每位员工的平安和健康是公司的首要责任。我们将与当局紧密合作,协助他们全面调查事故的原因。”

Ivanplats的管理团队感谢南非矿山救援服务 (Mine Rescue Services) 提供的专业和高效协助。矿山的首席检察官在整个过程中多次到场了解情况,矿产和能源部的其他高级管理层也每天到场监察进度。行业领先的专家组正全力协助Ivanplats团队确定这次不幸事故的可能成因。目前,Ivanplats团队正在评估事故所造成的损害程度以及所需工作,确保以安全的方式恢复竖井的正常运作。

普拉特瑞夫项目由Ivanplats (Pty) Ltd.持有,艾芬豪矿业持有该公司64%的权益。

投资者Bill Trenaman +1.604.331.9834       媒体 Matthew Keevil +1.604. 558.1034

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