MOKOPANE, SOUTH AFRICA – Ivanhoe Mines (TSX: IVN; OTCQX: IVPAF) Co-Chairs Robert Friedland and Yufeng “Miles” Sun congratulate the people of South Africa for achieving 27 years of peace, freedom and democracy. It was on this day in 1994 that South Africa held its firstmultiracial general election, marking the end to apartheid.

“Today, on Freedom Day, we celebrate with the great people of South Africa on their extraordinary journey of freedom, reconciliation and democracy,” said Mr. Friedland.

“We also salute the intrepid pioneers of Ivanhoe Mines, who in 1994 began our remarkable exploration journey in southern Africa that eventually resulted in the discovery of the tier-one Platreef and Kamoa-Kakula deposits.

“Soon after freedom came to the people of South Africa on that historic day in 1994, the predecessor company to Ivanhoe Mines became the proud holder of the current new order mineral rights to explore the Platreef Project. After many years of exploration and an astronomical amount of drilling, we delineated one of the world's largest deposits of high-grade platinum-group metals, nickel and copper, and now are positioned to soonunlock Platreef's world-scale potential.

“Our Platreef mine development efforts are led by courageous women and men, many of whom made great efforts in the struggle for freedom. They also helped shape Platreef’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment initiative that is designed to deliver significant social and economic benefits for its participants, particularly the men, women and children in the local communities. As we dream of the future, we should never forget our past.”

Kgalema Motlanthe, former President and Deputy President of South Africa, and an Ivanhoe Mines Director, commented: “27 years ago today, South Africans from all walks of life, colour and creed waited in long queues to cast their votes. For the majority of them, this was their first opportunity to participate in the democratic process. This occasion was pregnant with possibilities, and the world waited to witness the dawn of democracy in South Africa.

“The occasion was remarkable for the peaceful manner in which the intractable problems of apartheid and racial discrimination were set aside and all sides moved forward as one people. In the euphoria of the 1994 democratic dispensation, many who had long suffered expected these problems to be resolved promptly. However, the past 27 years has shown that these are stubborn, systemic problems which are not ready for simple solutions.

“It is significant to note that 27 years equate to the number of years that Madiba spent in prison. So, in order to actualize the promise of that wonderful day 27 years ago, a concerted effort should be made in his honour to create a capable, professional and efficient state to rally and mobilize human and capital resources from all over the world.”

Marna Cloete, Ivanhoe’s President and CFO, added: “The diversity and inclusion of our executive committee and the entire company is a true reflection of our rich South African culture that always strives for unity and freedom in our daily lives.”

À propos d’Ivanhoe Mines

Ivanhoe Mines est une compagnie minière canadienne axée sur trois principaux projets en coentreprise d’Afrique australe : le développement de nouvelles mines majeures, mécanisées et souterraines sur les gisements de cuivre de Kamoa-Kakula en RDC, le gisement de palladium, platine, nickel, cuivre, rhodium, or de Platreef en Afrique du Sud, le vaste réaménagement et la modernisation de la mine historique de zinc, cuivre, germanium, argent de Kipushi, également en RDC.

Kamoa-Kakula devrait commencer à produire du cuivre en juillet 2021 et devenir, grâce à des expansions progressives, un des plus grands sites de production de cuivre au monde. Kamoa-Kakula et Kipushi seront alimentées par de l’énergie hydroélectrique propre et renouvelable, et seront parmi les émetteurs de gaz à effet de serre les plus faibles au monde par unité de métal produite. Ivanhoe explore également de nouveaux gisements de cuivre sur ses permis Western Foreland détenus à 100 % en RDC, près du projet Kamoa-Kakula.


Investisseurs : Bill Trenaman (+1) 604 331 9834 / médias : Matthew Keevil +1 604 558 1034

南非莫科帕内艾芬豪矿业(TSX: IVN; OTCQX: IVPAF) 联席董事长罗伯特·弗里兰德(Robert Friedland) 与孙玉峰(Miles Sun) 庆贺南非人民于过去27年实现了平等、自由与民主。在1994年的这一天,南非举行了首届不分种族的大选,结束了漫长的种族隔离制度。


“我们也向艾芬豪矿业勇敢无畏的开拓者致敬,他们于1994年开始在南部非洲展开了非凡的勘探历程,造成了我们今天的普拉特瑞夫(Platreef) 和卡莫阿-卡库拉(Kamoa-Kakula) 顶级矿山发现。”



南非前总统及副总统兼艾芬豪矿业董事卡莱马•莫特兰蒂(Kgalema Motlanthe) 表示:“ 27年前的今天,来自各行各业、不同肤色和信仰的南非人民耐心排队等待投票。对于大多数人来说,这是他们第一次参与民主进程的机会,孕育了无数的可能性,全球也屏息等待见证南非实现民主的一刻。”


“我们必须紧记,27年相等于马迪巴(曼德拉) 在监狱中度过的年头。因此,我们要真正实现27年前那光辉日子作出的承诺,本着曼德拉的精神,努力缔造一个有能力、专业和高效的国家,团结和动员来自世界各地的人力和资本资源。

艾芬豪总裁兼首席财务官玛娜·科洛特(Marna Cloete) 补充说﹕“我们的执行委员会以至全公司上下的多样性和包容性,确实反映了我们深厚的南非文化,在任何时候都致力追求团结与自由。”


艾芬豪矿业是一家加拿大的矿业公司,目前正推进旗下位于南部非洲的三大合资企业项目:位于刚果(金) 的卡莫阿-卡库拉铜矿和位于南非的普拉特瑞夫钯-铂-镍-铜-铑-金矿的大型机械化地下矿山开发工程;以及同样位于刚果(金)、久富盛名的基普什 (Kipushi) 锌-铜-锗-银矿的大型重建和改善工程。

卡莫阿-卡库拉铜矿项目预计将于2021年7月实现铜生产,并分阶段进行扩建,预计将会成为全球最大规模的铜生产商之一。卡莫阿-卡库拉和基普什将使用清洁、可再生的水电,并将成为世界上每单位金属温室气体排放量最低的矿山之一。同时,艾芬豪正在刚果(金)境内其全资拥有的、毗邻卡莫阿-卡库拉项目的西部前沿 (Western Foreland) 探矿权内寻找新的铜矿资源。


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